Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Artifacts of Life

Hey gang! First of all, new walls!

They are much higher than my previous walls so I can cover them in all kinds of nerdy stuff.

Moving on to this year's week's musing: since we last spoke, our new Supreme Leader, Citizen Drumpf, was elected into office. What a time to be alive, right? The Era of Anti-Intellectualism, the New Dark Ages, The Reality TV Prequel to Idiocracy. Whatever you call it, facts are near null and void. His election, his continuous lies and fact-less blunders, as well as all the other mouth breathers who support him are a sure sign to me that facts are now, aptly, artifacts. That and whoever thought making The Great Wall was a good idea.


You know who is worse than the F students who support him? The F students who don't support him. They are just as responsible for the degradation of facts. The Media, for example, which should be champion of fact based information, just fucks it all up. Just this morning there was a segment on CNN where they discussed Citizen Drumpf abruptly ending his interview with John Dickerson over his wire-tapping claims. We don't need a 15 minute segment of a left-leaning talking head debating with a right-leaning talking head over it. He got annoyed and left. He is a blustering man-child who doesn't like to be called out on his lies and idiotic statements. THAT IS ALL. There is no ulterior motive as to why he walked away or what it means to the country. There's no need to bloat a 3 minute event into 30 minutes of "news".

And that is where the media loses. They put pundits and insiders and other wanna-be know it all's on TV, hand them one little shitty event, and then ask them to speculate and argue about obvious shit for HOURS. We'll continue to see and hear pundits go on and on about how anyone with a brain knows that Andrew Jackson died before the Civil War. They'll go on and on about how it's wrong for Citizen Drumpf to be honored to meet with fellow Glorious Supreme Leader of Best Korea, but we probably won't see or hear a peep about Jordan Edwards again from them. We get it. We know Citizen Drumpf is about as smart as the folks who went to Fyre Festival. It's not news worthy.

Fyre Festival is, however.

And you chest pounding, circle jerking liberals, are not helping either. The Right doesn't deal with facts anymore. They mean nothing to them, and no amount of facts will ever change that. If you've got a dog that doesn't understand human speech, you can't keep yelling words at the dog and expect him to listen to you, especially when he has a master with a dog whistle.

You can't just go around tossing facts and truths around and expect people to suddenly change. This is why we still have things like Fat People, Reality TV and Call of Duty. Hell, more often than not, unless you are actually well read, many of these facts are second-hand or worse, from Wikipedia. Not only are you trying to change someone with facts you don't have much investment in, there's a good chance you may even be wrong.

So before you go arguing with some southern Loyalist on facebook about the true reason behind the Civil War, remember that you probably only learned the truth about it a few years ago. That person has probably been told their truth their entire life, as did their parents before them, and their parents before them. They have a family heirloom. It's +5 Armor with immunity to facts. And we have to find a new weapon to penetrate it. And no, memes aren't it, sadly.

If only.......

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