Friday, September 27, 2013

Accountability Versus Intelligence: Requiem

Being well versed in Internets, I often find myself browsing the comments cesspool section of different blog posts, Opinion pieces, pictures of ugly people, and other web content. I find this part to be the most enjoyable as it is the most important part of the internet experience. Why you ask? Simple: The whole point of posting something on the internet is to mine the world for reactions. This blog that you yourself are reading now (not you, YOU, dumbass) is made to reach as many people and see what you think about what I just said/did/ate/fondled. As a matter of fact, the miniscule response to my first post saddens me. I'm going to go cry in the car.

What could possibly go wrong?

Ok i'm back. Moving on. *sniff*

While the vitriol which collects in the comments section used to anger me, it continues to enlighten me in my quest to understand stupidity which emanates from mankind, allowing me to get through my day without going GTA in my Cruze. Sometimes, I think about the amount of dumbshit I say around my girlfriend, and it is immeasurable: honestly, I didn't know I could think of so many different ways I could effectively use my penis. But since she loves me (til this day I still do not know why) I get away scot-free! Just like me while on my penial escapades, internet commenters are not held accountable for the garbage that they force their poor brains to translate through their finger tips. Then I thought about it: people who feel that they are not accountable for something will treat that with no regard, interwebs or not.

Seriously. People have absolutely no accountability for our actions, the actions of our peers, our environment, or the people who we give our money to or vote for. That lack of accountability leads to a lack of knowledge: why do I need to know about X if someone else is going to take care of it?

It is common knowledge that most ~isms stem from a lack of understanding or respect. Everyone tries to fix that part through education or out reach. But that's a symptom. The cause is a lack of accountability. Look at every instance where two opposing view points came together to save the princess. Common enemies, desire to succeed/not fail, guilty conscience, cake: whatever it may be, that change did not come into place until one or more people were endanger losing something or missing out. For example, most people probably don't know that Asians have squinty eyes so that they may better aim their ninja stars. Had they had more ninja encounters, they would understand and respect that small difference.

It's hard to be accountable for something you can't see until you die.

This is why people can honestly admit with a straight face that they think all gays should burn in hell, or that all black people steal or that all muslim people are terrorists: there is absolutely no consequence for them to think so, and no benefit for them to think otherwise.

A huge detriment to our personal accountability is our reliance on technology. We don't need to remember anything because it's one Google search away. Kid's don't have enough sense to go outside by themselves because they don't need to: they just facebook their friends to play with them on X-box live. Women don't need to know how to make sandwiches because you can text, call, e-mail or skype Jimmy Johns.

So the solution is simple: in order to make our world more intelligent, we need to make people accountable for every action that they take. And nothing promotes accountability better than a punch in the face.

TLDR version: The world would be a better place if stupid people were regularly punched in the face.

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